Meet Toomgis

Some say Toomgis fell to Earth from snack heaven. But that's just hearsay. What we do know is Toomgis is Too Much Good Stuff®. He's a friendly, gentle giant made of hundreds of different foods and drinks, and 35 kinds of generosity and kindness.

Snack Origins. Hosted by Toomgis
Take a mouth-watering trip through history with ampm's snack giant, Toomgis. As a certified snackspert, Toomgis tells the story of every snack's delicious creation.

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Toomgis is stuck in airport metal detector
Toomgis can't fly because of the 3-ounce rule.
A teenaged Toomgis poses for his high school yearbook photo
In high school, Toomgis was voted 'Most Likely to be Eaten.'
Image of a m p m Horchata and multiple small images of Toomgis saying 'nom' repeatedly.
Toomgis loved this Horchata so much, he cried tears of cinnamon.
Image of Toomgis sitting on yoga mat.
Toomgis only has one yoga pose, the pretzel.
Image of Toomgis carrying a large lifesaver candy in front of a pool.
Toomgis works as a lifeguard in the summer.
At 7'6", Toomgis was recruited to play basketball by many NBA teams but no coaches would allow snacking on the bench, so he quickly returned to ampm.
Image of Toomgis' anthropomorphic teeth. A top tooth has a talk bubble that reads, Tell your mother we said hi!.
You might say Toomgis has a sweet tooth, but, really, all his teeth are sweet. See for yourself.
Image of Toomgis on a jet ski, with white waves around him.
Toomgis had a chance to become a professional jet skier, but it meant giving up his dreams of professional snacking. Plus, it made his cinnamon-roll palms soggy.
Image of Toomgis looking in the mirror of a bathroom. A hamburger sits on top of his head to symbolize a man bun.
Toomgis became the accidental inventor of the "man bun" when he needed a place to put his sandwich down.
Image of Toomgis on a donut pool floatie in a pool while holding a Rockstar energy drink.
Toomgis didn't realize this was only a floatie, but, thankfully, we were able to fix it and he could keep snacking by the pool.
Image of a m p m coffee cup with a phone number written in froth. The number is 657-200-8647.
Toomgis doesn't text (hot-dog fingers) but he loves long phone calls. And even longer voicemails. Give him a call just to say hi or chat about Internet snackspiracy theories.




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