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We've got everything you need to keep your stomach and your wallet full.

Bottle of Epic Goods and bottle of Déluge water. $1.

Quench for Less

Quench your thirst. Keep your cash. Epic Goods™ or Déluge® water is just $1 to keep your body hydrated and your wallet happy.1

A hot dog with mustard and relish, and another with ketchup and diced onions. $2 each.

A Deal Worth Relishing

Enjoy a top-notch dog for only $2. Quality ingredients and unbeatable flavor that go great with a side of chips and a drink.2

Large orange soda and large cola for 89¢ each.

This Deal Just Makes Cents

Refresh for less and beat the heat with a large fountain drink for just 89¢.3

Rockstar Focus White Peach and Rockstar Focus Lemon Lime for $1 each.

This Deal Fuels Focus

Spark your summer day for just $1. Rockstar Focus® Lemon Lime or White Peach boost your brain so you can focus more on fun in the sun.4

Medium Frostiato for $2

Sweet, Slushy, Savings

Get your caffeine fix with a frozen twist for only $2. Small or Medium Frostiato Frozen Coffees are the perfect way to mix things up.5

Bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, brioche. Ultimate Meat Breakfast Sandwich for $3.99.

One Meaty Deal

A bigger, better breakfast. Our $3.99 Ultimate Meat Breakfast Sandwich is loaded with bacon, sausage, ham and cheese on a brioche bun.6

Starbucks Double Shot Energy, Starbucks Cold Brew, and Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew for $2 each.

Starbucks™ for a Couple Bucks

Never hesitate to caffeinate. Cool down with a Starbucks™ Cold Brew or Double Shot Energy drink for just $2 each.7

Cheetos and a m p m fountain cup.

Cheers to Chzn Szn

Don't miss out on our Cheetos™ x ampm collab. Limited-edition fountain drink cups are here for a short, sweet, cheesy time!8

Slim Jim Monster sticks for $3 each.

One Beefy Bargain

A lotta meat at a low price. Slim Jim® Monster meat sticks are only $3 so you can get your protein in without paying too much.9



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