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We've got everything you need to keep your stomach and your wallet full.

Try the French Toast Croissant Sandwich and the Egg, Sausage Croissant Sandwich. Buy 2, save $1.

Tip your beret to this

So buttery and flaky you might just develop a French accent. Buy 2, save $1 to taste a world full of flavor.1

Try the Chili Cheese Hot Dog with onions. Buy 2, save $1

Let's chili out

Take a break and put those dogs to rest in your belly. Buy 2, save $1 when you bring these juicy, savory dynamite dogs home.2

Try the A M P M exclusive CELSIUS® flavor Fruit Burst. Buy 3 cans of CELSIUS® for $6.50.

Exclusive energy

A M P M’s exclusive CELSIUS® flavor, Fruit Burst, takes center stage for only a limited time. Buy 3 for $6.50 before its curtain call!3

Get Mars candy product on sale for $1. Including SNICKERS®, Skittles, & Twix.

Mars faves you crave

We’re making Too Much Good Stuff live up to its promise. Cash in on all your favorite Mars candy for $1 to crave and save! 5

Try our limited-time flavor of coffee, tropical blend.

Wake up in paradise

Go somewhere warm for the winter. With hints of fruit and brown sugar, this coffee will bring you to your happy place.6

Try the new, Limited-time Jumbo SNICKERS®; Cookies. $1.49 each. Fresh from our oven.

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Smash your craving with the jumbo chunks of SNICKERS® in this monster of a cookie, here for a limited time.7

Try our exclusive Freeze flavor, Sour Patch Kids Orange.

Shock and ahhh

Give your Freeze a supercharge with our new flavor, Sour Patch Kids Orange. Feel a tang with a bang to electrify your taste buds!8

A 20oz Classic Coca-Cola, a 20oz Coke Zero, and a 1 Liter smartwater with a red ornament. Only with the A M P M app.

Welcome to the party

Your ticket to the party is in your pocket! Download the A M P M app to get the red carpet treatment on deals, savings and more!9



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